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    Bank Transfer Empty Bank Transfer

    Post by jayvaleno on Wed May 28, 2014 5:05 pm


    By jayvaleno, Since 2010, where the whole world is based on computers
    This FAQ is about bank hacking. Anyone familiar to the game knows that
    you need money to buy equipment. In this guide I will give step by step how
    to infiltrate bank accounts with much money and transfer it to your account
    without being caught.

    Note: This Exploit has been tested with so many banks across the Glob: Africa,
    working accurate till date

    3.1 Critical Requirements

    Name Version Money
    Connection HUD Analysis = N/A $ 500
    Monitor Bypass = 5.0 $ 250
    Proxy Bypass = 5.0 $ 200
    Password Breaker = N/A $ 300
    Log Deleter = 4.0 $ 200
    Total = N/A $ 1,450

    3.2 Optional Requirements

    You need these if you're planning to hack the bank's admin, instead of
    using the Transfer Mission.

    Name Version Money
    Decypher 3.0 $ 800
    Voice Analyser N/A $ 500
    Total = N/A $1300


    4.0 Pre-Hacking

    From this point you will be confronted with long connection or single

    - Single connection:
    I mentioned nothing about the connection, you can connect directly from
    your IP to the target, no log deletion.

    - Long connection:
    This is from your account to InterNIC, through another 20 locations and
    finally towards the target. After the required hacking has been done,
    delete your Logs at InterNIC, check the FAQ's (6.0) why this is
    InterNIC. I will write a long connection as:
    BUALC: "by using a long connection"

    4.1 Getting high account

    First you need to have an account which is worth the money. For this you've
    two options:
    - A mission called: "We need an experienced hacker to trace a high balance
    - Or hacking the bank's admin and check all the accounts on that bank.


    This is IMO the easiest way to get an account with much money, because you
    only have to hack password security. Go to the mission list and accept this
    kind of mission. Now:

    1. Go to the account's bank listed in the mission, BUALC.
    2. Use Monitor Bypass.
    3. Now go to "Manage existing account", type the account number, hack the
    4. Look at "Statement", from the last transfer, mail the IP and accountnr to
    5. Delete Logs at InterNIC.
    6. Go to the IP bank, BUALC (either use IP Lookup or just go past every bank,
    8 in total).
    7. Do the second and third step again, but now for this bank and account.
    8. If you want, complete the mission by sending the name.
    9. Accountnr. and password will still be active at target bank.
    10.Delete Logs again.

    4.1.2: THE BANK'S ADMIN

    A more difficult way, which could result in mutiple high money accounts, or

    1. Go to the public access server of the target bank, put the telephone
    no. of the Administrator in your links.
    2. Call him, use Voice Analyser.
    3. Go to the target bank, BUALC.
    4. Go to admin, monitor bypass.
    5. Break password, use voice and decypher the code.
    6. Put in a mail every accountnr. and password, send it.
    7. Delete Logs at InterNIC.
    8. Return to the bank, not BUALC.
    9. Use every account, check their balance. 200000 or above will be enough.
    10.Mail the accountnr. and password again. If there aren't any high
    accounts, that's too bad.
    11.One note here though, you should check their statements too. When they
    transfered a high amount, use that account and IP given.

    4.2 Create your own account

    Go to the target bank, create your own. This makes the process a lot easier.
    Now the last mail:
    - Accountnr.
    - Bank IP
    - Amount (either use all, or the amount stated in the "Transfer mission"
    to make it easier)
    Used THE BANK'S ADMIN, also put:
    - Target accountnr.
    - Target password.

    4.3 Save user/Create connection

    Backup your save:
    - Outside the game, go to user, your name.
    - Copy ALL 3 files to another directory, your name, options and debug file.
    - Restart game.
    Create BUALC connection to the target bank, save it.


    5.0 Transfer Money

    Now for the real job. Chances that you're getting caught are high even if
    you're fast. To prepare enough, read every step before doing the transfer.
    This can be done one by one:

    - Load the connection.
    - Go to the target account.
    - Go to "Transfer"
    - Put in all that's needed (target bank IP, your accountnr and amount).
    - Bypass Proxy and Monitor.
    - Open the Log Deleter at most speed.

    5.1 Internal and External Tracing

    You might want to ask yourself, why do I have to be so fast? Well that's
    like this:
    - Because of the Monitor Bypass, you don't have an Internal Trace. This
    is the one with the Trace Tracker.
    - However, once you transfer, an External Trace will be started towards
    your account. The game will go from system to system inside your Long
    Connection, from Log to Log, until they find your account. The feds are
    send, and you're down.
    That's the whole point behind it.

    5.2 Transfer + Delete statements
    + Delete Logs

    You'll be caught within a minute! Does this mean you've a minute? No,
    you've around 20 - 30 seconds to delete the statements and logs, because the
    game found you within a minute, but the feds need to arrive Very Happy.
    The exact hacking:

    - Transfer the money, press OK. If it failed will be clear once you want to
    delete your statement, you haven't any yet.
    - Go to the statements, delete the most upper statement.
    - Go to your account, delete the statement.
    - Go to InterNIC, use password, open log deleter, delete the routed log.
    - Disconnect.

    Now use the "per minute time", the second in the menu above in your screen.

    5.3 Getting caught or not

    This is a simple notification. If your screen goes black, you failed. You'll
    be notified that you're account has been seized and you can't continue. Copy
    your save. But, if you receive message, this will be from Uplink, you raised
    about 6 Uplink levels! Congratulations, you hacked without fail. What is most
    important for your caught: the statements. That gets us to the next and last

    5.4 Hacking complete bank at once

    Huh??? That isn't possible! Yes, it is. For this you can best use the BANK'S
    ADMIN trick. Get all accounts from a bank (mail them, password and account),
    create one of your own and connect BUALC to the bank and bypass systems.
    - Connect to first account.
    - Look how much money, go to Transfer and fill it all in.
    - Transfer, delete both statements.
    - Connect to second account....
    - So on....
    - Transfer and delete statements from last account.
    - Go to InterNIC and delete the single routed log.
    If not yet, this will get you to either Techno-Mage or TERMINAL.


    6.0 FAQ's

    Q: I'm getting caught every time.
    A: The most known FAQ about this. You're just not fast enough, or doing a step
    wrong. Both happen frequently, that is. By reading 5.3 and 5.4 you can see
    that the most dangerous "logs" are the statements. Transfer, go immediatly
    to statements and delete, do so at your account and if you're only hacking
    one account, delete routed log at InterNIC.

    Q: Why should I use InterNIC? I always use the Uplink Test Machine.
    A: Three reasons for and one against it:
    - InterNIC doesn't need the "admin" to be writtten in the
    Admin section.
    - The password is always the same with your user. But, when logged in on
    another user it will be different.
    - You're not traced internal AND external, so you can make a direct
    If you really want to use the Test Machine, this is why:
    - No matter what user, the password is always "Rosebud"

    Q: What should I do with the money?
    A: Buy yourself all equipment (best gateway etc.) and bying all software
    (except for the disablers, you already have bypass).

    Q: My game has no accounts with much money, I checked every bank. What shoud
    I do?
    A: Too bad then, you can't do anything about it. You can still use the hacking
    trick to gain experience, but no money. Not much that is.

    Q: When I'm hacking all accounts on a bank, I just caught in the middle of
    transferring. How is it possible?
    A: This means you deleted one of your previous statements too late. No matter
    what you did (deleted routed log, etc.), you would always be caught.

    Q: I hacked all accounts by using the "Hacking complete bank at once" trick.
    Will they return with money on it?
    A: I cannot verify this completely. After going fast forward for at least a
    Month, only the Uplink Fees where payed. Most accounts I hacked gave -300,
    Very Happy LOL.
    One another obvious thing, all of the transfers occurred, BEFORE you started
    your game. I don't think they return, maybe for the "Transfer Mission", but
    I doubt it.

    Q: Can I use Disable instead of Bypass?
    A: Of course it's possible. But, the chances are even more lower if you do that.
    Chances of succeeding will be too low. This because of two things:
    - You'll be traced inside the bank before Transfering.
    _ The External trace will begin faster.

    Q: Isn't this cheating?
    A: Not to me. It's a in-game based trick, which can be used to complete the game
    easier. If you don't want to use it and play the storyline without it, that's
    up to you. But then you shouldn't be reading this Guide.

    Q: After a fail, how do I restore a save?
    A: Copy the three files back to the users file and overwrite.

    Q: Did you fail many times?
    A: Yeah, and I still do. It just calls speed and good reflexes. Chances of
    failing are the best they should be. High, but it's possible to succeed a
    hacking attempt.

    7.0 Credits - I thank Mc@Kay, Bowaters and My Black Hat brothere's@MiT
    for creating the game.

    If there are any questions or interested in purchasing all the hacking software
    please contact me via the below email or PM me here.


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